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Once led to the mill, the flour will be cooked to liquefy the starch contained in the grains by adding 1000 l of water and steam in either of both brass drums. The cookers contain cast iron combs to stir the mixture; their gear is made of wood and transmission occurs by means of leather belts.

Cooking is done in two stages: first at 56°C for 7 minutes and 30 seconds with steam and cold water; then at 70°C for 1 minute and 30 seconds with steam. Stirring must be constant to obtain a mixture without clots. On leaving the boilers, the mixture is called moût.

The malt is poured into one of the eight tanks at the base of the cookers. For 90 minutes, the malt will rest and the diastase power of the malt will act to transform the starch into sugar: that stage is called saccharification. Temperature upon exit is 65°C.


Animated and commented scheme of the production process (Flash)

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