The foundation of the Claeyssens distillery
The 19th century
The 20th century
The Claeyssens distillery today

The 19th century: a period of expansion

From 1817 until about 1850, the Claeyssens distillery settles round the water mill and the offices next to the housekeeper's house, which existed already in the 18th century, and is still occupied by the present housekeeper.

The arrival of the steam machine about 1850 drastically changed the organisation of the distillery site. The Claeyssens family bought the surrounding land to extend the distillery and to build castles and villas, still to be seen while cruising on the Deûle. Steam enabled the installation of mills in the present building and supplied the necessary energy. The distillery, which produced jenever at 49% of alcohol vol. stretched as far as the Wambrechies Main Square, and had its own malt mill.

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