The foundation of the Claeyssens distillery
The 19th century
The 20th century
The Claeyssens distillery today


The Claeyssens distillery today

Since 1817, the production process invented by Henri LENSSEN, has practically remained identical. Apart from modifications to convey grains (in the past delivered by barges on the Deûle Canal, at present by lorries straight to the distillery), and to recycle the water, nothing has changed.

That is why the equipment, the production process, and the premises have been classified as historic monuments in 1999. It is also a guarantee of discovering the unique taste of the Claeyssens jenever « Classique » at 49% of alcohol vol. de vol., produced according to a method that is almost two centuries old.

The business agreement with GDC/Loos.
Since April 2000 the Claeyssens Distillery at Wambrechies and the Flourent Distillery at Loos have concluded a strategic and commercial agreement. Power of production and distribution of the distilleries at Loos and at Wambrechies are thus united.

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