The Wambrechies distillery has two rooms available to welcome between 50 and 310 persons. Those two rooms have daylight, and one offers a view of the mill equipment classified as historic monument.

Our pub and our quay room perfectly suit your seminars, congresses, business meetings, venues, colloquiums, theme evenings, cocktails, banquets, wedding parties, etc.

Your evenings will be exceptional events in our authentic facilities with their historic realm.

The pub consists of two levels: 108 sq. m. on the ground floor and 80 sq. m. on the intermediate level, suitable to welcome 50 persons seated or 80 persons standing. On the ground floor there is a bar with all necessary equipment (wooden counter, sink, glass cleaner, refrigerator) and toilets. Upstairs is a cosy and well-lit room.

The quay room consists of one level of 100 sq. m. arranged to welcome 100 persons seated or 150 persons standing. That room offers a view on the outside of the distillery and on the 19th century mill machinery; it has a bar and toilets, 32 sq. m. of kitchen and 24 sq. m. of preparation room.

For either room we suggest additional equipment: refrigerator, glasses, etc.

You can rent our rooms separately or together with the pub and quay room for a total capacity of 344 sq. m. for 200 persons seated or 310 persons standing.

If you are interested in one of those rooms or for further information, contact us. Visit also the website :

Book our pub. We are at your service to have you visited our facilities located in the heart of the Claeyssens distillery. 








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